[Emerald] the beta you put up

Memory Lane Computers ( mlc@memlane.com )
Tue, 02 Mar 1999 15:58:38 -0700

Hi there Dale,

The Beta version .267 that you put up... seems to fix prt of the problem
with the external systems type mismatch...

I did not get that error when i first started using it. It went and made
the mail accounts on the first user no problem. Then when i made another
new user, i get a few errors. The first one is error 13: type mismatch
again. This error happens for any new users that I make. Then if you go to
add another service to the same user I get a message saying

User was changed by Mar 2 1999 3:55pm at Mar 2 1999 3:55 after you loaded
the user. Do you want to save your changes anyways.

As you can see the change by should be the user changing. It does go and
make the mail accounts all right.

Hopes this helps you out...

Ken Short
Internet Administrator E-Mail: mlc@memlane.com
Memory Lane Computers Phone: 403-526-2288 ext 123

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