Re: [Emerald] Service Pack 4

Josh Hillman ( (no email) )
Mon, 1 Mar 1999 11:46:16 -0500

From: NOC Management <>
>We are about to install Service Pack 4 for windows NT.
>Is it OK? Has anyone experienced any problems related to it? If yes shall
we stick to Service Pack 3?

SP4 solved a Front Page Server Extensions mystery that had me on the phone
with Microsoft for a month and a half (even they had no idea what the
problem was or how to fix it). Luckily SP4 finally came out in November and
a week later, I installed it and viola! The problem disappeared.
Apparently some DLL or something was damaged and there was NO way to trace

Conversely, there appears to be some issue with .asp pages updating Access
..mdb databases. This isn't directly associated with SP4 though. This
popped up after installing MDAC 2.0 SP1 (one of the Y2k things that SP4 will
likely recommend installing after SP4 is finished installing). MDAC 2.0 SP1
provides the latest ODBC drivers (including Access and SQL), but after
installing it, .asp files can no longer update .mdb files for some reason.
No one seems to know why and the last time I checked, there was no mention
of this in MS' knowledgebase. Something with the newer Access ODBC drivers
seems to act differently with .asp pages.


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