Re: [Emerald] ServU

Sheryl D. Stover ( (no email) )
Fri, 26 Feb 1999 10:50:12 -0800

:Since they are all connected to the Emerald server through the client I
:assume that the permission problem would be with the Emerald server? If I
do a
:File, External Systems, batch out, it works fine. It is just not

Okay, that helps for troubleshooting. I will see if I can recreate the
problem here. I think we have a Post.Office server somewhere. :)

:As for the ServU. I did put in a path like for mapping that drive. In
:there is a default user allready created. Do I need to modify this account
:is that the account Emerald uses for each account it creates?

Actually, Emerald doesn't create accounts in ServU. It creates the
directory according to the username or alternately the name listed in the
FTP blank in the Service creation field, and then ServU uses the DLL to
authenticate users out of the Emerald database, rather than setting up a
separate account in ServU itself. The permissions you define in Emerald (in
the Client configuration, FTP tab) are whether users as a group are allowed
to create directories, and what your size limit is for the directories. If
you need to deviate from those defaults, you will want to set up the user
directly in ServU.

If you are using Balance Forward billing cycles, you will need to use the
beta version of emerauth.dll (designed specifically to include ServU and
iMail support) to handle FTP authentication without an expiration date set
for the account. You will also need to modify your stored procedures for
FTP authentication. Contact for more information
on that. I bring it up only because Dale had mentioned earlier that he
would let people beta the DLL - but keep in mind it is a beta. :)

:"Sheryl D. Stover" wrote:
:> Geoffry,
:> A UNC is a path to a shared network drive, e.g.
:> //server/directory
:> where //server is the name of the machine on your LAN accessible via
:> name from the Network Neighborhood and /directory is the name of the
:> on the machine. Each machine that uses the UNC must have the shared
:> directory mapped as a network drive.
:> I'll look into whether I can recreate your problem with Post.Office and
:> client machines. Are there any restrictions in Post.Office defined as to
:> where the postmaster account can log in from?
:> :Excuse my ignorance but what is a UNC? Also I set up the Post.Office
:> portion
:> :and then I set the Autosync ES. It still does not autocreate an account
:> :though unless it is done from the main Emerald server. If one of the
:> client
:> :machines try to create the account I have to do the Batch Out for it to
:> create
:> :the account.
:> :
:> :"Dale E. Reed Jr." wrote:
:> :
:> :> "Geoffrey L. Scully" wrote:
:> :> >
:> :> > After you put in the Direcory size, path in Emerald, what else is
:> needed
:> :> > for setting up Emerald to automatically create accounts in ServU.
:> :>
:> :> Emerald does NOT create account in Emerald (just like it doesn't
:> :> create account in Mailsite or NTMail). Those software packages use
:> :> the Emerald database as a secondary user database to their own.
:> :> Therefore, once you have created the user in Emerald, the user can
:> :> log into Serv-U. The only requirement is that the user's homedir
:> :> must exist and Emerald will try to create it when you fill it in
:> :> (just make sure its a UNC that all Emerald operators have access
:> :> to and not a local computer path).
:> :>
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