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Sheryl D. Stover ( (no email) )
Fri, 26 Feb 1999 10:13:04 -0800


A UNC is a path to a shared network drive, e.g.


where //server is the name of the machine on your LAN accessible via machine
name from the Network Neighborhood and /directory is the name of the share
on the machine. Each machine that uses the UNC must have the shared
directory mapped as a network drive.

I'll look into whether I can recreate your problem with Post.Office and
client machines. Are there any restrictions in Post.Office defined as to
where the postmaster account can log in from?

:Excuse my ignorance but what is a UNC? Also I set up the Post.Office
:and then I set the Autosync ES. It still does not autocreate an account
:though unless it is done from the main Emerald server. If one of the
:machines try to create the account I have to do the Batch Out for it to
:the account.
:"Dale E. Reed Jr." wrote:
:> "Geoffrey L. Scully" wrote:
:> >
:> > After you put in the Direcory size, path in Emerald, what else is
:> > for setting up Emerald to automatically create accounts in ServU.
:> Emerald does NOT create account in Emerald (just like it doesn't
:> create account in Mailsite or NTMail). Those software packages use
:> the Emerald database as a secondary user database to their own.
:> Therefore, once you have created the user in Emerald, the user can
:> log into Serv-U. The only requirement is that the user's homedir
:> must exist and Emerald will try to create it when you fill it in
:> (just make sure its a UNC that all Emerald operators have access
:> to and not a local computer path).
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