Re: [Emerald] Expired User Function

DAN TANG ( (no email) )
Fri, 26 Feb 1999 13:25:45 +0800

> wrote:
>> Does anybody out there know that, if a user's account expired, the
>> will let the user come in, but apply certain filter.
>Emerald doesn't have this ability.
>> If not, is it a easy way to modify the store procedure as following?
>Probably not. The main reason would be that the sql statement RadiusNT
>uses to auth the user is not a stored procedure yet. Therefore, you
>would have to store the real expiredate somewhere else, leave the
>actual expire date blank,
Leave the expire date blank means we could not do the accounting & billing
properly in Emerald?
If this is the case, is it posssible to have a switch on RadiusNT Admin to
just let everybody coming in, then we could have more control on the user
before they got authorized.

I know we could do some other ways like run a scheduled procedure to scan
the subaccounts every night and switch the expired user to other service
type. But that is too much of the challenge for the staff, they will have to
remember to schedule the procedure every time they change the server or move
Emerald to other server, or when they recover server from backup.
Even better, if Emerald has a interface to specify when the particular
service type expired, the different type of service user will be allowed to
connect to. I know that going to create problem for accounting because the
CALLS table does not record service type that user connect to. May be add
this field to CALLS table will speed up Calls Consolidation process quiet a
lot as well?

>and then modify the RadConfigs proc to return the alternate set if the user
is expired.
I check the DB, there are two store proc RadGetATConfigs & RadGetConfigs, I
am using RadiusNT 2.5 & Emerald 2.1.1. Which one is the proc you talk about
on the above, RadGetConfigs? Because this one take the parameter @AccountID
which is the SubAccountID that user is using to login?

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