[Emerald] Expired User Function

( dan@dmn.com.au )
Thu, 25 Feb 1999 23:04:18 +0800

Dale or Top Guns,

Does anybody out there know that, if a user's account expired, the Emerald
will let the user come in, but apply certain filter.

If not, is it a easy way to modify the store procedure as following?
1. Before the Emerald return the authentication result, add a block of SQL
code to verify if the service has expired, if it is, change the user to
other type of service(which will allow the user get connection but different
filter). Execute the change in Emerald(GO statement?).
2. Return the normal authentication, execute and return the result.
3. Change the user back to service type.

We do not concern about the server performance, because the SQL 7.0 will run
better, and with Pentium III we would be better shape.

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