[Emerald] services

Tommy Cheng ( tommycheng@pcmagic.net )
Tue, 23 Feb 1999 16:58:50 -0800


I am using Emerald 2.5.263. Sometimes when I am trying to edit a
service, I get a different service come up instead of the service I am
trying to edit. For example, when I am trying to edit a service called
tommy, I double click on tommy but instead of getting tommy's
information, I get another service called frank (who is under another
MBR). Now I am sure I am in tommy's MBR because I looked at the MBR's
title and I didn't change the login name, buy why am I keep getting
frank's information. Login in and out of Emerald does not help. But
the good news is i doesn't do it all the time. Also, I didn't get this
in 2.5.227. Do you have any idea why?



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