[Emerald] Emerald 2.5.261 Batch invoicing ignores Renewal vs. Balance Forward setting

Josh Hillman ( (no email) )
Fri, 19 Feb 1999 16:17:50 -0500

I first noticed this in Emerald 2.5.255 the other day, but it also exists in

On our testing machine, I have the following Billing Cycles (Monthly and
AutoBill are set to 0 for all):
BillingCycleID Description IBillDays EBillDays GroupID
-------------- ----------- --------- --------- -------
0 Default 30 5 (null)
1 Trade 5 5 6
2 Charity 5 5 7

All MBRs currently have BillingCycleID set to 0 (including the Trade and
Charity accounts at the moment).

When I click on Batch from within Emerald and leave it set to "Auto Batch",
clicking on Create generates invoices for both Renewal type invoices as well
as Credit Card.

When I go to print the invoices (this time by specifying the date that they
were created (batching date)), the invoices shown are carrying over previous
balances from previously unpaid Renewal invoices eventhough I have
AutoBill=0 ("Renewal" in the Billing area of the Emerald Admin "Billing
Cycles" section) set.

Am I missing something obvious or is this a bug of some kind?

I'm trying to keep the billing essentially the same as it has been for the
past few years (no new Renewal invoices can be created until previous ones
are paid or voided). We do not use Calls Consolidation (never have).

Josh Hillman

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