Re: [Emerald] Wrong Calculation in Invoicing? Ver 2.5.255

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Tue, 16 Feb 1999 16:05:46 -0800

Todd Hutchinson wrote:
> The invoiced amount is showing up wrong. We are using 2.5.255
> You can put and xx.xxxx number in for the discount for the term IE 6 months at a 11.9287
> your monthly rate at 14.95. Now this should equal 79.00
> 149.95*6*(100-11.9287)*.01=78.99996
> Emerald gets this 79.02
> Which is this
> 149.95*6*(100-11.9)*.01=79.0257
> To get the total correct on the invoice you have to do a manual correction (Credit). This looks bad on an invoice, and its a pain.

I believe Emerald is doing:

It handles Four digits, fo which only three actually matter.

11.9287 = (100-11.9287)/100 for a final percent of .8807

14.95 * .8807 = $13.17/month * 6 = $79.02

Emerald doesn't calculate it in one step, it does it in two.
The problem is that in the middle it is using a currency type
of two digits, which is what is changing the outcome from what
you think it should be. I'll look at retaining the four digit
precision through the end.



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