Re: [Emerald] Stable v2.5 yet!

Glen Harvy ( )
Mon, 15 Feb 1999 15:53:30 +1100

At 18:00 14/02/99 -0800, you wrote:
>> Hi Dale,
>> Can I safely upgrade my v2.2 operational Emerald yet? If so, is there an
>> up-to-the-minute upgrade instruction sheet etc etc available?
>I recommend looking into our Emerald Update Program. If you purchase it,
>one of our support engineers will help you with the DB upgrade and another
>will help you to ensure your configuration is accurate. This smoothes out
>bumps that you might encounter doing an upgrade yourself (especially if you
>are not familiar with SQL Server).

As I live in Australia it won't be cheap for me to call you - or for you to
call me for that matter. Also, the time differences are important.

I note that in another message you suggest that if you are given access to
the database etc then you can iron out bugs before the upgrade. I know this
is possible with other programs and is an idea that you should persue.

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