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Brandon Bryant ( )
Sun, 14 Feb 1999 23:40:36 -0500

I, too was told that these would be released days ago..

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Administration wrote:
> Hi, I thought I was the only person that could not find the incremental
> update's that have been talked about here. But I see messages from others
> that they can not find them either. I also would not like to pay for an
> e-mail announcement that lets me know when and where to get these from. For
> some reason...
> Please advise me, and others in this group, as to where these updates are
> stored, and exactly how to get them.

A couple of people have gotten an update directly from support to
a specific problem they reported. We are about to make a general update
available for Both Emerald and RadiusNT. We will be making an
in both lists when those are available. They are going through QA and
testing right now and will be avaialbe as soon as they pass the required

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