Re: [Emerald] Stable v2.5 yet!

David Moore ( (no email) )
Mon, 15 Feb 1999 12:50:41 +1100

The very fact that you have a list as long as you do shows that the product
is not yet ready, and should still be promoted as a beta at best. Dale is
obviously extremely busy and unable to handle the problems outstanding we
had to wait 1 week before I could get any response to 3 urgent emails that I
pleaded with them for a reply to. (And I didn't get a reply to any of them)
I finally got a response by ringing 2 days in a row. Now to be fair Kurt
listened to my problems and advised me of an update 2.5.255 which I
downloaded and my installation is still up the shit. I can't consolidate
properly. So yes my advice is DON'T DO IT.

Regards David Moore

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From: Ronnie D. Franklin <>
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Date: Monday, 15 February 1999 13:13
Subject: RE: [Emerald] Stable v2.5 yet!

>That's one person's opinion.. and he is entitled to it, too bad he did not
>provide you any info to help you make a decision!!
>I have been using since around the 1st of January.. and while it
>does still have some problems, they are livably... at least with my
>The problems that I am having problems with:
>1. Email invoices will only invoice 33 invoices and then gets an error..
>have to abort Emerald, restart, and then invoice 33.. this is a real pain
>when you have hundreds of invoices to email!!
>2. The problem that I consider Major is that I have been unable to do a
>consolidation.. I have reported various errors and have been provided
>various things to try, but as of yet, I am still unable to consolidate...
>3. The "autobill credit card" function in the MBR has changed... if you
>a 0 for Autobill.. that should mean not to autobill except the 1st
>at least 2.2.xx did that when you said "NO" and I equate "0" to "NO"...
>however, Dale has provided a script to help it work similar to the old
>See the archives for a complete run down...
>4. A few selections have been moved from Emerald to Emerald Admin.. make
>sure you look everything over and understand BEFORE you put it in
>All in all.. If I had it to do over again.. I would still convert to 2.5...
>it offers too many new features to be ignored... and lets face it.. 2.2 had
>problems also.. the minor problems I have with 2.5 are just that minor..
>except Consoladation... and that is starting to be a major problem.. at
>least with my setup... I have had to increase my database size in order to
>accomidate the increased calls table..
>Hope this helps!!
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