Re: [Emerald] Stable v2.5 yet!

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Sun, 14 Feb 1999 17:56:33 -0800

> That's one person's opinion.. and he is entitled to it, too bad he did not
> provide you any info to help you make a decision!!
> ========
> I have been using since around the 1st of January.. and while it
> does still have some problems, they are livably... at least with my
> The problems that I am having problems with:
> 1. Email invoices will only invoice 33 invoices and then gets an error..
> have to abort Emerald, restart, and then invoice 33.. this is a real pain
> when you have hundreds of invoices to email!!

We are looking into this one. I'm trying to get one of our test databases
with even test users to reproduce this one.

> 2. The problem that I consider Major is that I have been unable to do a
> consolidation.. I have reported various errors and have been provided
> various things to try, but as of yet, I am still unable to consolidate...

This is usually an upgrade problem. If you send me connection informtion
for your SQL Server, I'll connect to it and try to find the problem.

> 3. The "autobill credit card" function in the MBR has changed... if you
> a 0 for Autobill.. that should mean not to autobill except the 1st
> at least 2.2.xx did that when you said "NO" and I equate "0" to "NO"...
> however, Dale has provided a script to help it work similar to the old
> See the archives for a complete run down...

This has been addresses in the upcoming update and will work like it used
to. We didn't realize anyone was using that option. :)

> 4. A few selections have been moved from Emerald to Emerald Admin.. make
> sure you look everything over and understand BEFORE you put it in
> production.

That sounds like some good advice for most things in a business. :)


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