[Emerald] Problems creating VSA values in Emerald

david leigh ( (no email) )
Tue, 9 Feb 1999 21:38:43 +0800

Hi All

I've been going through our RADIUS dictionary to include all the VSA's for
Bay Networks - whose gear we use pretty much exclusively.

There is no problem actually adding the attributes to the "Attributes" tab
on the RadiusNT section of the Emerald Administrator but, as soon as I try
and put in values in the "Attribute Values" section I get

"SQL Server Error: 547 INSERT statement conflicted with TABLE FOREIGN KEY
constraint 'fk_RadValue_RadAttributes'. The conflict occured in database
'Emerald', table 'RadAttributes' State=2 Severity=16

NOTE: I do NOT get this problem if I add any values to any of the attributes
that come as standard with the Emerald package.

Running Emerald 2.5.227 on an NT4 SP4 box (no Y2K fixes). Can anyone spot
the problem?

David Leigh

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