[Emerald] Charges not created!!!/Multiple login

Nada Syriani ( (no email) )
Mon, 8 Feb 1999 19:07:06 +0200


> I had requested earlier that you check your online tab and let me
> know if there were entries showing up. You stated that there were, but I
> wonder if you did a visual inspection at that time. The problem would be
> quite clear if we could know for certain that you are NOT getting online
> information coming from your NAS devices.

It is not a question of finding who is right and who is wrong. Our
main concern here is to get to a reliable version, free of the many
bugs that were discovered until now and unfortunately Emerald is
still hiding some !

1) Sorry to tell you again that before we upgraded to version
2.5.250 the on line tab was showing correctly the users and after
the upgrade it showed once wrong number of connected users or
none at all. From the debug mode of RadiusNt the sql statement
update of the callsonline table is not writting into the table.

2) Again, I have set the correct date of the server which is today.
Then I made one call. After that I set the date of the server to 2-
march-99. I ran the updatecalls script and I tried to apply the
charges. But again the charges were not created, only the fixed
rate was invoiced; as it happened last time when we allowed
customers to log into this server.

We will call you today at 9:30 AM your time to work together using
pcANYWHERE as you once suggested.


MIS Department,
IncoNet SAL.

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