Re: [Emerald] Charges not created!!!/Multiple login

John Troher ( )
Fri, 05 Feb 1999 10:09:03 -0500

Sounds to me that the main problem you are having is that accounting is
not working. That would cause lack of control against multiple logins. is
also explain no charges being created because Emerald has no idea when
users logged on or off. Also the online screen being blank, that is the first
clue that accounting packets are not being sent or accepted.


Nada Syriani wrote:

> Dale,
> The situation here is getting worse.. almost untolerable!
> I am still not able to invoice my customers correctly. The charges
> are not created !!!!
> How do you expect me to migrate my customers tomorrow if I don't
> have a reliable billing???
> It is very urgent to settle this matter because I don't have time
> anymore.
> Again and again and again, these are the steps I have followed and
> this is what happened:
> 1) I have set the date of my server to 1/1/99
> 2) I have created my customers with the following dates:
> createdate=startdate=paidthru=lastreceived=lastmodifydate=billedth
> ru=1/1/99.
> 3) I have invoiced with the batch tab all the subscriptions of the
> customers. Meaning I have generated invoices for the period 1-jan-
> 99 till 1-feb-99. Note that all our customers have a billing cycle
> monthly/prorate, a monthly billing period and the payment method
> is credit card or renewal.
> 4) Then, I have set the date of my server to 11-jan-99.
> 5) I have allowed customers to log into our server in order to collect
> testing calls.
> 6) While the customers were on line, I tried to monitor their
> connections using the online tab. BUT to my surprise this tab is
> not working properly anymore !!!! last time when I was testing real
> traffic I was able to view all the customers on line correctly. This time
> I am getting the following error: DBlibrary error: 10011 column number out
> of range. And in case I don't get the error the users are shown as logged
> in but in fact they were not logged in .
> 7) After that, I run the updatecalls script.
> 8) Then, I set my server time to 2-feb-99, in order to invoice the
> charges for the customers. Because as I understood from our
> phone conversation that the billing cycle is from 1-jan-99 till 1-feb- 99
> and in order to include the extra hours used during january billing, I
> should perform the billing on 2-feb-99. Correct?
> 9) I tried the preinvoicing summary and then charges BUT NO
> CHARGES WERE CREATED!!!! even though the clients used more
> minutes then the standard time specified in the rates table.
> Are my steps correct ??? what did I do wrong ???
> Note that:
> I am using radius NT 2.5.124 and Emerald 2.5.250.
> Another SURPRISE:
> I have tried to log in twice at the same time using the same login.
> Even though I have checked in radiusNT admin the concurrency
> control and the variable login limits and even though the user name
> has a login limit of 1, I was able to connect to the server !!!
> Are the settings ok? if yes is it a bug of the 2.5 version. Note that we
> have already tested this feature and it USED to work.
> I will call you today in order to get your updates concerning these
> issues. I will leave pcANYWHERE running for you.
> Nada
> MIS Department, IncoNet SAL.

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