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Adam Greene ( (no email) )
Sat, 6 Feb 1999 10:37:07 -0500


I think Dale has a fix for this...

However, perhaps my experience may be of benefit to someone...

This also happens to me occasionally with my PM3, and I think I may have
discerned a pattern:

- I think that when I clear a user from the online tab in Emerald without
actually disconnecting the user from the PM3 (via a "reset Sx" command,
where x is the number of the port he's on), the user remains on the PM3.
When the user disconnects himself from the PM3 a little later, something
happens. It's like the PM3 sends a message to Emerald that the guy is
disconnecting, but Emerald says, "What guy? He hung up 10 minutes ago."
>From then on, the PM3 stops sending start and stop records to Emerald, or
Emerald stops acknowledging them.

I've found that rebooting the PM3 solves the problem. Unfortunately, it
disconnects everyone who's connected to it. Also, one has to make sure to
clear the PM3 users from Emerald's Online tab (if there are any still
recorded there) so that these users can log on again once the PM3 reboots.

Adam Greene

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>One of my PM3s stopped showing up in the ONLINE screen. It is in the list
>to choose from but does not show the ports in the window and does not show
>up in the total count of terminal servers at the bottom of the ONLINE
>screen. If I go to Emerald Admin and look at the individual ports it also
>show no one on them. Telnet in and they are in use. Thanks
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