[Emerald] Amounts on printed invoices showing $0.00

MikeK@NetDotCom ( (no email) )
Wed, 3 Feb 1999 11:18:23 -0500

Dale or Jeff:

I have repeatedly (4th time) asked for assistance in solving this problem.

Each of you asked for further details exactly once, I supplied the info but
received no further hlep.

Are you not interested in selling Emerald? I am looking to purchase a ISP
billing package in the next 90 days but if your package is unable to perform
is simple task I will go elsewhere.

The problem is: All the dollar amounts on the printed/previewed invoice are
$0.00 but the details screen show the correct information.

Please help!!!! Note I have spent money with your company on RadiusNT and
feel I deserve better than being ignored concerning this issue

Mike K

Below are the transscripts of my third request, Jeff's question and my

Yes the invoice shows up in the history and yes it shows the detail on the
screen. It shows the service and the setup charge and properly computed the
discount for yearly plan.

No other items in the history. I just entered the MBR and created the
service, then created an invoice as if the customer walked in the door. This
was a brand new install and this is the only MBR.

This was set as a renewal type. The system date is correct today 2/2/99 the
date I created the MBR/service/invoice was 1/28/99 the previous balance was
$0.00 the start date is 2/2/99 the end date is 2/2/00 (this was a 1 year
plan). The current is $218.00.

And this was all done on the SQL server itself not from a workstation.

Mike K

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[Emerald] Printed Invoices showing $0.00 due THIR

> I still have not received a solution to this problem.
> I create the customer, the service, run the batch, shows 1 service, the
> invoice is created, the amount on the Invoice detail screen is correct but
> when I go to print the invoice the amount is $0.00 both in preview and
> printed.

For that customer's MBR go to History and see if the invoice
shows up there. If you doubleclick on that invoice in the history tab,
does it show detail on that screen?
Also are there any other items in history for that test customer
including payments or balance information?
Are they set for balance forward, renewal, monthly or anniversary
Finally, what is the date of your SQL database server set to?

> All other detail is on the invoice including correct dates and customer
> information.
> This is using the sample data included in the default install of Emerald
> and I have not modified the invoice.rpt file. It is what ships and
> installs with Emerald.
> This is 2.5.227 downloaded from the Emerald website.
> Note: I do not have a permanent or trial key. Is this the problem?
> Mike K

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