[Emerald] Printed Invoices showing $0.00 due THIRD REQUEST!!!

MikeK@NetDotCom ( (no email) )
Mon, 1 Feb 1999 13:56:58 -0500

I still have not received a solution to this problem.

I create the customer, the service, run the batch, shows 1 service, the
invoice is created, the amount on the Invoice detail screen is correct but
when I
go to print the invoice the amount is $0.00 both in preview and printed.

All other detail is on the invoice including correct dates and customer

This is using the sample data included in the default install of Emerald and
I have not modified the invoice.rpt file. It is what ships and installs with

This is 2.5.227 downloaded from the Emerald website.

Note: I do not have a permanent or trial key. Is this the problem?

Mike K

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