[Emerald] Month end consolidation

David Moore ( (no email) )
Mon, 1 Feb 1999 00:57:46 +1100

I changed over to Emerald 2.5 at the end of last month 1/1/99, this month
2/1/99 I ran the consolidation and very few of the call were cleared from
the calls table.

How I use Emerald
1. I don't use emerald for billing only for authentication
2. At the end of each month at 11.59 I reset the TC hub and kick all users
off (condition of using our services)
3. At the end of each month 1st day of month I run consolidation which
consolidates all records in the calls table and removes all calls for
previous month this then tells me how many hours each user has used for the
previous month.

Can any one tell me why the consolidation is no longer working the way it
used to

Regards David Moore

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