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Emerald is doing exactly what it must do to make sense. An MBR
is a Master Billing Record. It is the place the bills go to. You
couldn't have one MBR get sent once a month and the /same/
MBR only get a bill once a year.

The ideal solution is to create a second MBR for the service which
is to be billed annually. The first MBR will keep receiving bills
monthly as you want.

The next best solution would be to sell an annual contract service
and divide the price by 12. This is not ideal because it leads to
roundoff error coming from the SQL Server's arithmetic assuming
you have an announced price like $125/yr. The roundoff error from
SQL will cause it to be 10.41/ month * 12 months = 124.92

On 29 Jan 99, at 10:46, Brad Teague wrote concerning:
[Emerald] Dale: Billing Question.

> I am trying to set all of my billing options and rates and services and
> discounts up correctly. In doing so I have run across something. I've
> noticed that the Billing options are matched to the MBR and not the
> subaccounts of that MBR. This poses a problem for adding services to an
> existing customer and say the person wants to pay annually for one service
> and be billed for the other services. If I apply a discount for paying
> annually then everything for that MBR is discounted as well as the whole
> amount is due. If I switch it to monthly payments, then I can have a
> discount for a service based on the "Cost" field under that service. What
> I'm driving at is: How can I (if it is possible) make it so that a person
> can have two services (eg. Standard PPP dialup account, and Domain Hosting)
> and be billed monthly for one and annually for the other. Since we give a
> discount for annual prepay of dialup accounts and not annual prepay of
> domain hosting, this is very likely to be a common case. If there isn't a
> way to do this.... can there be soon?
> Thanks,
> Brad Teague
> Network Administrator
> Networks Plus
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