Re: [Emerald] Next Version & Caller ID and Radius problem.

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Fri, 29 Jan 1999 10:52:13 -0800

Administration wrote:
> Hi, We are running 2.5.227 right now, and can not run the 2.5.229 or 2.5.3??
> because of e-mail billing problems. Was wondering when the next version is
> going to get out, and I will NOT hold you to the date... Just a round about
> would help, I have people that depend on this software asking me.

We are QAing a new release. The procedures have changed on making
new updates available (more internal testing required).

> Our caller ID was reporting fine, and has suddenly stopped, the only change
> we made was from the 229 back to 227 .. Is this a problem on the database
> (views?) or with the emerald client ?

We added the CallerID column in 229.

> We also have a problem with the radius server on our main SQL machine, It
> will not see the local SQL, only our backup SQL ? have checked the registry
> and every INI file for the ODBC for the link to our other and it is not
> there. All ODBC entries are set for our local machine, but every time you
> start radius it opens the backup SQL server, which is day old data, and will
> not report correctly.

Check the client configuration utility and make sure the default
transport is Named Pipes.

> As a test I installed radius on our backup SQL and told the dsn to look at
> local machine, and low and behold it only opens our Main SQL server, remote
> ?!?

Sounds like the transports are not setup correctly. Is this when
as a service or -x15 debug?

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