Re: [Emerald] Serv-U

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Sun, 24 Jan 1999 12:40:34 -0800

James Martin wrote:
> Just noticed something interesting with Serv-U and 2.5.239. When I create a
> new user in Emerald they cannot log on to the ftp server until I run the
> first invoice against that account even though the account is active. If I
> do not run the first invoice I get a bad password error. Is this the way
> it works?

There should not be any "billing" requirements for Serv-U to
authetnicate the user. You can look at the VerifyFTPUser Stored
proc to see what needs to be met for the user to authenticate.

One note, emer_su.dll does not know about the BileldThru date (it
only uses the ExpireDate). Therefore if you use a Balance
forward method with a blank expire date, I'm not sure how the DLL
will react.

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