[Emerald] contacting IEA Software

David Alvarez ( david@centralweb.net )
Fri, 22 Jan 1999 17:46:20 -0800

This is off-topic but since calls and email messages to both support and
sales have not been returned, this is my last try to contact somebody from

Here is my case:

After two months of testing several programs and packages, we decided that
Emerald and RadiusNT were the solution that offered all the features that our
company is looking for. When I received approval from management to purchase
them I faxed a purchase order, indicating in it that I wanted to purchase
Emerald 2.5 and if they could send a temporary license key for it, since that
would help me implement it faster (all the testing was done in 2.1.11) The
license key was sent via email the same day (this all happened Jan 15th) but
to my surprise it would only work on the old version. Of course it took me a
whole day to discover this since I had already removed 2.1.11 from the test
servers. In the meantime, email messages to support were not acknowledged.

Because of last Monday's holiday I wasn't expecting to get any answers until
midweek. But nobody has contacted me yet. I have repeatedly called and left
messages for sales and support. The funny thing is that I have never talked
to anybody in person over the phone, all I get is their automated phone
system. Today is Friday, Jan 22nd and my deadline to implement the
authentication and accounting software is Feb. 1st. I have been constantly
dialing their phone number since 9:00 AM Pacific and it is now 5:20 PM so
they are supposed to be closed (for all I know they were never open for
business today).

Since the mail lists have been going on all this time, I assume that there is
people working at IEA. There have been no news about an earthquake , floods
or meteorite hitting the Spokane, WA area. My email system works fine, as
well as the phone system. So there shouldn't be any problems trying to
contact IEA.

I DO still want to use Emerald as our authentication and billing software.
And I guess that I could start with 2.1.11 buy it and then get a license key
for 2.5. But since I cannot communicate with IEA, even before sending them
any money, I will not do that. I think that is reasonable.

Dale, if you know what is going on or if you can put me in contact with
somebody else I would really appreciate it. I am not trying to embarrass
you, I think Emerald is great and you have done an incredible job. But I
couldn't just send a message in private could I?


David Alvarez

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