Re: [Emerald] Print Button missing from MBR

Rudy Komsic ( (no email) )
Fri, 22 Jan 1999 16:12:03 -0500

>> Just was wondering why the print button was missing when you open up a MBR?
>> Could it be possible to add it again? It ends up being easy to work with
>It was moved to the pull down menu "File...Print" to try and un-clutter
>the user edit window.
Could you actually make it a hotkey so that we can just hit CTRL-P to print?

Also, When a MBR or Service has been added or removed from a client's file,
could you please add a feature when someone closes the MBR Window, it will ask
if you would like to print the record. The reason for this would be to help
out with Client record files that we file in our binders. We need this
feature since not everyone will remember to print every client.

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