RE: [Emerald] TSGraph

Ronnie D. Franklin ( )
Fri, 22 Jan 1999 01:32:29 -0600

I have a problem with a PM2 that occurred after you changed the
Microcom/Compaq 6100 unit...

I have 1 PM2E-30 that only has 20 modems on it.. and I have not been able to
use TSGRAPH since the 6100 change.. However, I have another PM2E-30 that has
16 modems.. and it works just fine..

I "re-ported" the one that doesn't work and it did not help.

When you click on Graph, the hour glass comes up, it says Loading Call
Information then after a few seconds, the hour glass goes away.

> What kind of NAS are you using? Some people have reported problems
> where if they include a time, it will not show anything.
> If you still can't figure it out, send me connection information
> for your SQL Server and I'll connect to it and try and find the
> problem.

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