Re: [Emerald] Missing Invoices?

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Thu, 21 Jan 1999 22:56:31 -0800

"Robert H. Clugston" wrote:
> Here are a couple of problems that I am having:
> 1. My boss was trying to enter a check from a customer this morning and when
> he searched for the invoice number from the pay stub it wasn't there. The
> invoice was created after we upgraded to 2.5. There was how ever an unpaid
> invoice with a different number.

Do you have "show last invoice only" checked? If so, uncheck it and
research for the invoice.

> 2 .In 2.5.236 the "Show Last Invoice Only" button of the invoice section
> isn't working on accounts where there is more that one person with that last
> name.

How are you doing the search (which fields, if any, are filled in). Are
you talking about two different MBRs, or two services under the same
MBR? I have two Mbrs with the same last name and it shows them
correctly when either searching by last name or when searching for
unpaid invoices (and the show last invoice only) is checked.

> 3. Since we can't delete invoices any more in 2.5 can you make it so that
> voided invoices don't show up or are distinguishable in the history of a
> MBR. This would eliminate having to switch back and forth.

Everything that is displayed in the history is based on the History
MBR. There are two easy things you can do. 1) Add a "and type <>
to the first select statement for the invoices table to not show them
at all, or change the Description field to Type, so that it will display
the type. I've changed the default history stored proc to be the

> 4. When I'm trying to invoice a new item on a MBR I get:
> SQL Server Error: 547 INSERT statement conflicted with COLUMN FOREIGN KEY
> constraint 'FK_InvoiceIt__TaxID__12C8C788'. The conflict occurred in
> database 'emerald'. Table 'Taxes'. Columns 'TaxID' State=2 Severity=16

This happens when you do not have a tax selected (when you select none).
It should be corrected in the next update.

> Is it possible to keep track of required SQL updates in a file like
> changes.txt? I've come across a couple of SQL updates that I had to do and I
> see that other people are still asking about them.

We usually do not SQL updates in the changes.txt file if any are
needed. There should not be any at this point, as we are not
changing the DB schema.

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