Re: [Emerald] PC Authorize by Tellan

Alexander Blauvelt ( )
Tue, 22 Dec 1998 08:55:40 -0500


I just downloaded the newest version that was put up last night and we
are still seeing this effect when attempting to export with pc authorize
format. Any other ideas what might be causing this ?

Online Gateway, Inc.

> When we run a batch out from Emerald (2.5 RC3)the resulting file has:
> line 1: cc1,cc1,cc1,cc1 (various fileds here, no problem)
> line 2: cc1,cc1,cc1,cc1,cc2,cc2,cc2,cc2 (repeats the first customer)
> line 3: cc1,cc1,cc1,cc1,cc2,cc2,cc2,cc2,cc3,cc3,cc3,cc3, (repeats

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