RE: [Emerald] Failed 2.5 Upgrade

David Mulberry ( (no email) )
Fri, 18 Dec 1998 17:46:16 -0500

I followed your instructions Dale and got Emerald25 to work, at least I
thought so. By the way I am sure that I only ran the update scripts on

Since I could not get Emerald 2.1 to work (because of previously described
errors) I decided to switch Radius to look at the Emerald25 db and work
under the 25 client, I figured if it didn't work I would just switch it back
to the regular Emerald db.

Radius no longer worked so I switched Radius back to the Emerald db, and
guess what, it still doesn't work. So now I am screwed.... I have tried
switching back and forth from the Emerald25 and Emerald db, rebooting,
restarting the RadiusNT service, uninstalling the RadiusNT service and even
tried loading the new version of RadiusNT that came with Emerald25, which is
what I am running now. No luck....


I ran the RadiusNT debug program and I see an error "Invalid Attribute
length" "Attribute 24 length 2" "Malformed Packet"

Please Help ASAP,


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