Re: [Emerald] AIYAH! 2.5 killed 2.1 even worse!

Jeff Woods ( )
Mon, 07 Dec 1998 14:13:51 -0500

At 09:33 AM 12/7/98 -0800, you wrote:

>> Followup -- it won't even let me PRINT an existing invoice (it tries to
>> bring up a dialog box, but only paints it partially, then freezes for 10-15
>> seconds, and goes back to the invoice list. I will need to bill tomorrow
>> -- can anyone help me get 2.1 back to where it was? Dale? Thanks!
>Grab file file and see if it corrects the printing problem. 2.5 comes
>with the 6.0 print engine, which might be causing issues with your 4.5
>reports that came with Emerald 2.1.

Yes, that fixed the printing issue.... The database looks OK, but there
are still some irritations that 2.5 introduced (minor, not show-stopping
that I can see)....

>> 2.1 in the invoices tab, search for unpaid invoices only, now shows also
>> all of the VOIDED invoices. It never used to do that.
>Unfotunately, I don't know whether 2.1 did that or not.

2.1 never did show the voided invoices prior to today's installation of
2.5. If this is a feature of the CR 6.0 engine, is it possible to return
to the 4.5 engine? I don't want those voided invoices cluttering up my
list of "unpaid" invoices. I want the list of unpaid invoices to be only
the ones that I expect to get paid on....

Is 2.5 going to show the voided ones once I get it working (see prior)?