[Emerald] AIYAH! 2.5 killed 2.1 even worse!

Jeff Woods ( jwoods@delta.com )
Mon, 07 Dec 1998 11:37:00 -0500

Followup -- it won't even let me PRINT an existing invoice (it tries to
bring up a dialog box, but only paints it partially, then freezes for 10-15
seconds, and goes back to the invoice list. I will need to bill tomorrow
-- can anyone help me get 2.1 back to where it was? Dale? Thanks!


I followed the instructions -- at least I think I did.... I didn't upgrade
my productions system, and I didn't install over the old 2.1
installation.... However, the install of 2.5 seems to have affected my 2.1
(production) installation!

2.1's DB is \\AUTHENTICATOR\Emerald

2.5's DB is \\KENOBI\Emerald

2.1 is installed in E:\PROGRAM FILES\EMERALD

2.5 is installed in E:\PROGRAM FILES\EMERALD25 on the same workstation

After changing the DSN back and forth to run either/or (never both at the
same time, never 2.5 against the old database, never 2.1 against the new),
2.1 is giving me lots of WEIRD errors. For example:

2.1 in the invoices tab, search for unpaid invoices only, now shows also
all of the VOIDED invoices. It never used to do that.

How corrupted has my production database become, and what can I do to fix