[Emerald] Emerald 2.5: Invoices paid?

Jeff Woods ( jwoods@delta.com )
Mon, 07 Dec 1998 10:56:29 -0500

I have FINALLY gotten around to testing Emerald 2.5. I'll start posting
my observations here as I see them. I know I'm way behind the curve from
many of you, so please bear with me....

These are all on RC3:


I love the new search options. However, in the Invoices manager, if I
click on "Show unpaid invoices only" it only shows ONE invoice. I know
there are more outstanding than that. (The other outstanding ones do
appear in the list if I load in ALL invoices).

Is this a problem with the "balance" field, that I'd need to correct PRIOR
to importing the old database?


The docs for upgrading are unclear on this: You cannot create the database
named as "Emerald25" since the upgrade and DBCC scripts in EmerAdmin are
looking for a database and/or DSN of "Emerald". To get it working to the
point of being able to run the DBCC on the new Emerald25 database, I had to
put it on a different server, and keep it called "Emerald".


I'll keep toying.... When are the docs coming, so we know how all this
cool stuff works? Thanks, Dale!