[Emerald] Dropping data from a table

Brandon Bryant ( nailer@midlink.com )
Fri, 4 Dec 1998 15:28:02 -0500

Interesting problem. I just changed my billing cycle from 30-30 to 1-1.
Unfortunately, there was a credit card batch that had been generated
before I did that, and of course it's wrong. What I want to do is delete
the invoices and externaltrans stuff for those. I did a
select * from invoices where type = "Credit Card" and date = "Nov 13 1998
select * from externaltrans where reqdate > "Nov 12 1998 12:00AM"

And I got a list of (I think) all the data I need to remove. If I remove
the invoice from these two areas, can I then re-create the batch with the
new dates and get on with my life? And if so, what is the SQL command to
delete this data?