[Emerald] Moving Emerald Server

Thu, 03 Dec 1998 11:39:28 -0600

We will be moving our Emerald to a new server within about 7 days. i
was thinking we would do the upgrade to 2.5, however, after putting it
on a test machine I don't think it's ready for prime time
yet....especially without docs....lots of new features.

So...I'm wondering if anyone has done the same process and any tips
advice. The plan is to just install SQL, Emerald and RadiusNT on the
new server then do a transfer from the old to the new and point
authentication at the new. Has anyone done this....is it that simple?

Not sure if it will be a complication or not but the current server
has a different log device we did that when we first started using
Emerald and I'd actually rather not do that on the new server.