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Christopher W Shiver ( )
Wed, 02 Dec 1998 12:42:54 -0600

For the most part simple text changes.
We give our clients one months leeway on payment and we bill them for the
current month of service. The invoice looks like it is billing for the next
months service.
The changes would be:
From: The following account will expire on....
To: The following accounts will become delenquent on......

From: For continuing service through {date} please remit the amount shown.
To: For continuing service please remit the amount shown.

From: Your payment must be RECIEVED before {date}for your continuing service.
To: If payment is not RECIEVED by {expire date plus 30 days} your service will
be discontinued.

That makes it look like we are billing for curent service.

Also how does a report that shows delequent payments look? Does the currnet
report do this and if so how do I test it to find out its format?


Dale E. Reed Jr. wrote:

> Christopher W Shiver wrote:
> >
> > Does anyone out there do custom reports. The invoice that we got with
> > the Emerald Suit doesnt give the info that we need so we need to modify
> > the report. Unfortunatly the mony for Christal Reports wasnt in the
> > budget so now we are up a creek any Ideas on where to find someone to do
> > that or if Emerald will do that since we have a service agreement.
> What changes are you looking for?
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