Re: [Emerald] Reports

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Wed, 02 Dec 1998 11:00:30 -0800

Christopher W Shiver wrote:
> For the most part simple text changes.
> We give our clients one months leeway on payment and we bill them for the
> current month of service. The invoice looks like it is billing for the next
> months service.
> The changes would be:
> From: The following account will expire on....
> To: The following accounts will become delenquent on......
> From: For continuing service through {date} please remit the amount shown.
> To: For continuing service please remit the amount shown.
> From: Your payment must be RECIEVED before {date}for your continuing service.
> To: If payment is not RECIEVED by {expire date plus 30 days} your service will
> be discontinued.
> That makes it look like we are billing for curent service.
> Also how does a report that shows delequent payments look? Does the currnet
> report do this and if so how do I test it to find out its format?

Emerald is designed to bill up front for services. You can put a
30 day extend on a customer, to simulate it billing for the current
Because Emerald is designed to bill for upcoming services, there are not
delinquent reports included with it. The 2.5 release has a different
format for this, which does allow for balance forward type situations,
which is really what you are doing here.

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