Re: [Emerald] Emerald 2.5

Tommy Cheng ( )
Mon, 30 Nov 1998 11:38:12 -0800

Make sure that radio button in Emerald Admn / Radius NT / Service
Defaults is on "reply" and not on "check". Or check should be "no".
Me stupid.
Didn't figure this one out for about an hour.


Daniel Wood wrote:
> Well I got Emerald 2.5 and Radius 2.5 installed and working. I transfered
> my database to a new SQL server and ran the update. I seem to have two
> problemss. One is that Radius doesn't seem to accept any to other Services
> I added in Emerald Aministrator. Its says theres no Radius Attributes for
> that Service even though I added them. The second thing is that I can't
> seem to get the Calls table to update. When I run radius.exe -x15 I can't
> see anything wrong except I wonder what the SQL Statement: RadGetConfigs 2
> means. I can see the START and STOP records come through but they don't
> show up in the calls table.
> Thanks
> Dan
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