Re: [Emerald] Emerald 2.5 RC1 Now Available
Fri, 27 Nov 1998 18:38:48 -0800

I was able to recreate one of your problems.

The shdocvw.dll file not found is because you don't have IE4
installed. Because the browser button in the new Emerald 2.5 can
only talk to Microsoft's IE4 (now why didn't Microsoft be a nice-guy
and also support Netscape??), you need to have Internet Explorer
installed to take advantage of that feature. If you don't (and it
sounds like you don't) then that feature won't be available.

Thanks for the word about the readme.tx_ file. The original had it,
looks like it was updated Thanksgiving day and someone forgot to
compress it before adding it back into the archive. I can't find the
shlwapi.dll problem, but suspect that it is also related to IE4.

Not trying to force your choice of browsers, but again, Microsoft
didn't write an open browser interface into their Visual Basic
libraries for some reason. ;_)

On 27 Nov 98, at 17:13, Daniel Wood wrote concerning:
Re: [Emerald] Emerald 2.5 RC1 Now A

> Well I tried installing Emerald 2.5 on three different machines and
> it failed all three times. The first problem the that Setup looks for
> and release.tx_ and the file in is release.txt. This isn't
> really a big problem but it should be corrected. The next thing that
> happens is that it says it can't fins SHLWAPI.dll. I looked on all my
> machines and the only one that has it is a windows 98 machine. I am
> trying to run this on NT 4.0. The next thing that happens is that setup
> says that it had a problem registering Shdocvw.dll. Can you please tell
> me what I need to do about both these problems.
> Thank You
> Dan
> >Emerald 2.5 Release Candidate 1 is now available to all registered
> >Emerald customers. It may be downloaded from the IEA Software website
> >at Following are the release notes for Emerald
> >2.5.
> >
> >------------------------------------------------------------------------
> >Emerald Release Notes Emerald Management Suite
> >Version 2.5 IEA Software, Inc.
> >November 25, 1998
> >------------------------------------------------------------------------
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