Re: [Emerald] Billing groups under 2.2 bug

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Wed, 25 Nov 1998 23:07:48 -0800

> Peter at Datafast wrote:
> Dale, as you suggested I have moved to emerald 2.2, and this has
> solved some of the problems I was experiencing - thanks. However, I am
> now trying to get mailsite going as well. I seem to be getting stuffed
> up because the default domain for a billing group is not blank ??
> (according to rockliffe docs anyway).

All billing groups must be configured with a domain, and each domain
must have an internet domain defined for it (multiple groups can have
the same domain).

You need to define an external system in the Admin (the type doesn't
metter, just use NTMail for example). Then configure all service types
for that external system. Next, make sure the domains for your billing
groups match domains that are defined in MailSite, and those billing
groups are the ones you put the MBRs in. lastly, use the same ESID of
the external system you created in Emerald when configuring the Mailbox
plug-in in Emerald.

> Alas, when I tried to check this out by selecting the billing groups
> tab in emerald admin, it crashed with a run time error 424 (object
> expected). I am assuming this has been fixed somwhere - its too
> obvious to have survived this long - so where is the fix? Or have I
> found yet another wonderfull way to kill emerald all by myself?

This is a known problem in the 2.2 Admin. The 2.1 Admin doesn't have

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