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Wed, 25 Nov 1998 11:03:26 -0800

2 questions:

1. Would I have to purchase Openlink? Are there any constraints to its use?
2. Can RadiusX be used to authenticate when the SQL server goes off line?

Anyway I'd like to see a copy of RadiusX.

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Robert H. Clugston wrote:
> Dale,
> I running Debian Linux 2.0 on the x86 operating system.

If you download and install the Openlink ODBC/UDBC drivers and
install it on your Linux system (you have to install the broker on an
NT system as well), I'll let you try RadiusX, which is basically
RadiusNT for Unix. We've been using it on RedHat 5.2 and Solaris
X86/Sparc for about a month without any issues. This is NOT
supported software at this time, though.

You can download the openlink packages from
Make sure you get the multi-tier 3.0 version.

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