[Emerald] Re: Expanding database size.

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Tue, 24 Nov 1998 09:36:20 -0800

Michael Whisenant wrote:
> Since October the database size continues to grow. At present the
> database has had to be expanded to 675MB and only 45Mb are free. I have
> checked consolidation and the totals for the past months are fairly clean.
> 1. I have deleted all calls from RadLogs that are older than 1 week.
> 2. I have deleted all Orphan call records from Calls Table
> 3. I have deleted all non-active accounts from the database.
> 4. I have ran 'dbcc checkdb (Emerald)' to make sure table space was cleared.
> 5. I have deleted all incidents prior to the last quarter.
> 6. I delete all start records daily as a managed task, per Dale's
> recomendations, for the last 6 months.
> The only area that I can think of to clear records would be in invoices,
> yet I do not want to do this. I would not mind cleaning Orphan Invoices,
> yet I would expect that when you deleted a user, Emerald would
> automatically delete these.
> I do not mind a natural increase in the database size, yet I do mind
> 15-20% growth to a database in under 30 days. I suspect something is
> worng, yet with the above checks and balances, I do not know where to start.

After the CheckDB, click the recalculate button in the edit database
window for the Emerald database. If that doesn't change anything, there
most likely a page problem with your database. If you have a second SQL
or lots of free space on the current one, create a db called Emerald2
and do a
transfer from Emerald to Emerald2. If the size stays the same
(although I
don't think it will) then thats the true size of your database. What I
do is
expand down in EM to the tables, and right click over each one and
select indexes.
This will show you the size of each table in kb and how many rows it
You should be able to tally them pretty easily to find out the approx
size of
the data in the database.

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