[Emerald] Expanding database size.

Michael Whisenant ( mwhisen@airnet.net )
Tue, 24 Nov 1998 10:20:21 -0600


I have had a stable database size for several months. The database size
was 500Mb and the available space was around 45~90Mb free depending on the
time of the month. Since consolidation occurs around the first the size
was greatest around the 25-31st.

Since October the database size continues to grow. At present the
database has had to be expanded to 675MB and only 45Mb are free. I have
checked consolidation and the totals for the past months are fairly clean.

1. I have deleted all calls from RadLogs that are older than 1 week.
2. I have deleted all Orphan call records from Calls Table
3. I have deleted all non-active accounts from the database.
4. I have ran 'dbcc checkdb (Emerald)' to make sure table space was cleared.
5. I have deleted all incidents prior to the last quarter.
6. I delete all start records daily as a managed task, per Dale's
recomendations, for the last 6 months.

The only area that I can think of to clear records would be in invoices,
yet I do not want to do this. I would not mind cleaning Orphan Invoices,
yet I would expect that when you deleted a user, Emerald would
automatically delete these.

I do not mind a natural increase in the database size, yet I do mind
15-20% growth to a database in under 30 days. I suspect something is
worng, yet with the above checks and balances, I do not know where to start.
Michael J. Whisenant
Vice-President, Operations
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