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Here are a few possible solutions for clearing up this problem:

- add the domain name to your list of Local Mail Domains
if this mail server has complete authority over all
mail accounts within that domain

- return the mail since the address was invalid

- fix the MX records in the DNS for the host in question
and then resubmit the message

- add an account or alias for the recipient on this machine
and then resubmit the message

If this machine should be handling all mail for the destination
host, it should be added to the list of Local-Mail-Domains in
the "system" configuration.

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Subject: Re: setting up a dialback user thru Emerald
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MailingList Receiver wrote:
> RadiusNT 2.5, Emerald, PM-3 -
> I have a user that we will be setting up with ISDN service that we will need to dialback to avoid toll charges.
> The customer will be running a 3com router with NAT.

The last I heard, 3Com Office Connect routers do NOT support
call back. I almost bought one until I found that out. :(

> They will need to dial-up, authenticate into our system then have the PM-3 drop them, dial them back and make the permanent connection.
> Is this possible and what lines in the SA record need to be set? I am also assuming there will need to be a location set into the PM-3..
> Reply to the list please as I didn't find anything in the archive for this -

You might be able to use the RADIUS call back attributes, but this isn't
easy task to accomplish.

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