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>> RadiusNT 2.5, Emerald, PM-3 -
>> I have a user that we will be setting up with ISDN >>service that we will need to dialback to avoid toll >>charges.
>> The customer will be running a 3com router with NAT.
>The last I heard, 3Com Office Connect routers do NOT >support
>call back. I almost bought one until I found that out. :(
> They will need to dial-up, authenticate into our system >then have the PM-3 drop them, dial them back and make the >permanent connection.
> Is this possible and what lines in the SA record need to >be set? I am also assuming there will need to be a >location set into the PM-3..
> Reply to the list please as I didn't find anything in the >archive for this -
>You might be able to use the RADIUS call back attributes, >but this isn't
>easy task to accomplish.

Just off the phone with customer and 3Com told them they were sent the wrong model router to do it on their end. I just wish to be able to at least attempt to perform accounting on this circuit.

I assume there is a way to specify the RADIUS call back attributes thru the client's SA record. Particularly, if I am going to send a command to initiate a call from the PM-3's location table, which RADIUS attribute(s) are used for that? This isn't very clear to me looking thru the RadiusNT documentation and comparing notes with the PM-3 command line/radius guide. I suppose this is an idea that is implemented rarely - if ever - from Emerald.

You all are `da Experts.


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