Re: [Emerald] In search of a stable Emerald Db

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Mon, 16 Nov 1998 23:21:03 -0800

> Peter at Datafast wrote:
> Hi, hope someone can assist - I am in a 'problematic' evaluation of
> emerald.
> My current concern is that I might not have alignment between the
> software components and the installed database structure. I have
> installed the following components on an nt4 sp3 with sql6.5:
> Radius.exe 2.5.124
> RadAdmin 2.5
> Emerald Admin 2.1.0
> Emerald.exe 2.1.11
> I have run the script Rad25_up2.sql on the 'fresh' database as advised
> somewhere in this list.
> I have radius running as a service and am using odbc authentication.
> With the above I can achieve a working system, however I am not able
> to perform certain operations, for example I get an SQL error if I
> attempt to alter the default attributes for a service (and the default
> attributes get wiped!). This was not the case prior to running the
> update script, however without the update script other errors
> prevented any authentication because the stored procedure
> getradattributes disagreed with the radattributes table structure. In
> either case (ie, both before and after running the update script) the
> 'check database' routine reports the tables RadAttributes & RadValues
> (among others) have an incorrect number of fields.

You can ignore the check information. This is a bug in the Emerald 2.1
admin. The Emerald 2.2 Admin (in the /emerald/beta/emerald22 directory)
will correct the problem.

> I will be happy to provide more exact SQL trace info or logfile output
> with -x15 debugging from radius, however I feel sure the problem lies
> in the process I am using to create the database, or is it this flakey
> for everyone?

This isn't a DB issue. Its a known issue with the 2.1 admin.


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