Re: [Emerald] SQL Database Transfers

Glen Harvy ( )
Tue, 17 Nov 1998 13:46:57 +1100

At 10:04 16/11/98 -0800, you wrote:
>Glen Harvy wrote:
>> Presumably everyone has found their own way of overcoming this major
>> shortcoming and I would like to hear what people have done.
>> I am not an SQL expert and nor did I think I would need to become one after
>> purchasing Emerald <sigh>.
>Check out the CallDetails table I've outlined several times (search for
>CallDetails on the search on our website). It explains how to setup
>a parallel table without all the extra baggage.

I followed your instructions explicitly using SQL Enterprise Manager. I
executed each "segment" separately and in the same order. By "segment", I
refer to the instructions between each GO statement.

There now exists a table called "CallDetails". I ran your scripts
yesterday. The new table is empty.

Since running your script, the Calls On-Line in Emerald no longer works.

I appreciate the theory in the new table and have no problem with using it
- if I can get it to work.

Further help please.

>> I have in mind creating a new database each month called "nov_1998" or
>> something similar and then using the Transfer Management Interface to copy
>> the data into there from Emerald for future reference/use. The book i have
>> seems to use the word "move" and "copy" as if they meant one and the same
>> thing!!!! If I do take this course of action, will I delete the data
>> information in Emerald?
>If you break down the data into multiple table like that, then you
>can't do a query to summarize more than one month, with taking
>steps to include all the little tables.

Agreed however I don't perceive this as an issue as the table itself will
be accessible from my web site so users can checkup their time used
themselves. The only time the table will be used is when someone challenges
their bill for a particular month.

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