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Brandon Bryant ( )
Mon, 16 Nov 1998 09:03:37 -0500

Is there a way to automatically do this before running consolidation? Like
adding that line to the beginning of the consolidation script, with
variables for the dates?

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Whilst I do not use Emerald anymore (the ever promised 2.5 will never come)
I do use RadiusNT for logging -

What I do is

"SELECT * INTO Calls1098 FROM Calls WHERE CallDate BETWEEN '1 Oct 98 0:00'
AND '31 Oct 98 23:59'

To copy all the records to a new table called Calls1098, where I label them
as CallsMMYY


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> -----Original Message-----> From:> []On Behalf Of Glen Harvy> Sent: 16 November 1998 03:50> To:> Subject: [Emerald] SQL Database Transfers>>>> For more information about this list, including removal, please> see this URL:> Hi,>> As you know, Emerald deletes all information in the Calls table when> running consolidation. This means that if there is a later dispute> regarding usage by the client then the details of all calls is lost.>> Presumably everyone has found their own way of overcoming this major> shortcoming and I would like to hear what people have done.>> I am not an SQL expert and nor did I think I would need to> become one after> purchasing Emerald <sigh>.>> I have in mind creating a new database each month called "nov_1998" or> something similar and then using the Transfer Management> Interface to copy> the data into there from Emerald for future reference/use.> The book i have> seems to use the word "move" and "copy" as if they meant one> and the same> thing!!!! If I do take this course of action, will I delete the data> information in Emerald?>> Thanks in advance.>>>>>>> Glen.> --------------------------------------------------------------------> AQUARIUS Communications for all your Internet<>Fidonet needs> <>Full ISP services<>FrontDoor Commercial<>TransX Internet/FTSC Mailer> voice(02)9977-3788<>fax(02)9977-3844<>bbs(02)9977-2855<>3:714/930> <>>> For more information about this list, including removal,> please see>

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