Re: Billing software question

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Sat, 05 Sep 1998 13:51:19 -0700

Randall Hixson wrote:
> We're a midsize ISP in search of new billing software for our business.
> Here's what we have:
> several (less than 10) thousand customers
> a UNIX-based, soon-to-be-NT server running our mail & DNS
> NT-based RADIUS that feeds info to
> SQL database that holds customer info and all the RADIUS log data
> almost 100% Ascend Max4K (one leftover USR Total Control box)
> Our accounting department is in an office 30 miles away and uses an
> antiquated DOS-based billing program and they're constantly complaining
> that our records are WAY off from their billing records.
> We'd like to find some billing software that'd allow them to easily bill
> (Visa, MC and checking account debit) the customers from data contained in
> our SQL database. Our current database is pretty well integrated into our
> operation, so we don't really want to buy one of the all-in-one
> Radius/billing/helpdesk products that are out there.
> Any suggestions or testimonials would be appreciated.

Which RADIUS server are you running for NT?

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