Billing software question

Randall Hixson ( )
Mon, 14 Sep 1998 16:38:01 -0400

We're a midsize ISP in search of new billing software for our business.
Here's what we have:

several (less than 10) thousand customers
a UNIX-based, soon-to-be-NT server running our mail & DNS
NT-based RADIUS that feeds info to
SQL database that holds customer info and all the RADIUS log data
almost 100% Ascend Max4K (one leftover USR Total Control box)

Our accounting department is in an office 30 miles away and uses an
antiquated DOS-based billing program and they're constantly complaining
that our records are WAY off from their billing records.

We'd like to find some billing software that'd allow them to easily bill
(Visa, MC and checking account debit) the customers from data contained in
our SQL database. Our current database is pretty well integrated into our
operation, so we don't really want to buy one of the all-in-one
Radius/billing/helpdesk products that are out there.

Any suggestions or testimonials would be appreciated.