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Michael Whisenant wrote:
> Dale,
> This is a posting that you made and I have a few questions
regarding the
> CallDetails that may clear up some points. From the first portion it
> creates the table inside Emerald and
> populates the fields. Since this is a portion of the information
> in calls the database size should not grow extremely large. However,
> you wanted to place this into another database what would the process
> and/or advantages of doing so?

We've actually done some custom installations for larger customers to
the calls table into its own database, to prevent it from causing
with the Emerald database. There isn't any reason why you couldn't do
with the calldetails as well. Just create the new database, and fully
qualify the objects. For Example, if you create a new DB called
and created the CallDetails table in there, you would need to modify the

trigger to insert into Emerald2..CallDetails rather than just

> I have a question on the trigger and exactly when it is used.
Are the
> records inserted each time the calls arrive? Or could this be
scheduled to
> run as a scheduled task nightly?

The trigger is ran at the exact moment the record is inserted (and one
each record inserted). It can be scheduled, but its not an exact art
requires additional modifications beyond just running a couple of

> Select @ast=i.AcctStatusType From inserted i IF @ast = 2 BEGIN Insert
> CallDetails Select DateAdd(Second, 0-i.AcctDelayTime, i.CallDate),

Just fully qualify CallDetails here with the name format of:


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